You don’t need perfection. You need consistency.

Consistency over perfection
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Great news! You don’t have to be perfect in order to make progress in your health and fitness.

This is a common situation that we are all familiar with to some degree:

  • Maybe you struggle with carving out time for your workout.
  • Maybe you “eat really well” Monday-Friday and find yourself overindulging on the weekends.
  • Maybe your off day from the gym turns into a whole month off. 
  • Maybe you kick off the new year/ month/week super strong, only to fall victim to the many temptations in life.

But this struggle is deeply rooted in the fact that we, as humans, want to be perfect in all things, all of the time.

Myself included.

What I’ve learned from my own journey and coaching others is that you don’t have to be perfect, and honestly, if you’re human (which I assume you are), it just is NOT realistic. 


We have so many competing priorities every single day. 

How can you be …

the best co-worker, 

the best boss, 

the best mother/father, 

the best daughter/son, 

the best friend, etc. 100% of the time?


I hate to break it to you, but you just can’t be

Or you can try it out and be 20% of your best self in all of those roles, which isn’t fun for anyone.

These same principles apply to your health and fitness journey.

What if we could focus on making our health and fitness fit into our lifestyle instead of trying to fit our lifestyle into our health and fitness?

Some exercise is better than none. YES – that means something as simple (yet highly beneficial!) as going for a walk for 10 minutes.

Some healthy food choices are better than a diet full of fast food.

Some deep breathing is better than running through your whole day completely unaware of your surroundings, thoughts, etc.

Some days off from the gym are better than 3 months of a sedentary lifestyle. 


Here’s the bottom line:

You don’t have to be perfect in your health and fitness journey to make progress. 

My rule of thumb as a coach is being at least 75% consistent, 100% of the time. 

This allows us the space to :

  • Enjoy family vacations with ice cream to end the night
  • Take a couple of days off from the gym
  • Be present in the activities we love with the people we love
  • To show up for ourselves every single day


My hope is that you can find the balance that works for you and your lifestyle in this process. 

Because health and fitness are meant to be forever, not just something you eventually “achieve.”

Today, I challenge you to reflect on the areas in your life where you are always finding yourself in an all-or-nothing mindset.


How can you give yourself a little grace?

How can you appreciate the hard work that you’ve done thus far?

How can you show gratitude for your body and the life you have?

Let me know what you come up with; I’d love to hear it!

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