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What’s The Hungry Truth all about, anyway?

Our Mission:

The Hungry Truth’s mission is simple: we want to simplify what “healthy” really means. There is so much information out there, much of it often conflicting, that is can be extremely difficult to make sense of it all.

Maybe you’ve heard that you shouldn’t eat sugar. Maybe you’ve heard that performing cardio in a fasted state will accelerate fat loss. Maybe you’ve heard that intermittent fasting is the healthiest form of eating. How do you know what to believe? That’s where we come in. Whether it’s in regards to diet, training, or supplementation, we’re here to make it simple for you.

This doesn’t have to be so confusing, and we’re going to make sure that it’s not.

What we stand for

We’re serious about our mission to help simplify what “healthy” actually means. We’ll never sacrifice that mission, and we take care to make sure you have the best experience possible…


Carefully Curated

All of our content is carefully curated to ensure you're getting only the best content. Never again will you have to worry about trusting what you read!


Selective Sponsors

Not only will we make sponsored posts very clear, but we promise to only work with brands that support our mission and that we trust.


No Hate

The Hungry Truth team welcomes all contributors, regardless of race, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, or military status. We have a zero tolerance policy for hate around here.


No Cost To You

We feel very strongly that everyone should have access to the content we're providing. We'll never charge you to access our content!

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Honest Reviews

If we have any product reviews on our website or social media platforms, they will always be 100% honest. We will never provide a misleading or dishonest review in exchange for compensation. 


Team That Cares

We're always on the lookout for new contributors to our site, but we will only accept individualizes who share our mission. We're all in this together!

Our Contributors:

Founder & Waffle Master

Matt Rosenman

Hey! I'm Matt, but you probably know me as @CheatDayDesign on Instagram. I'm the founder here at The Hungry Truth, and to say I'm passionate about what we're doing here is quite the understatement.

Fitness Coach & Pizza Expert

Meg Morat

You probably know me best for my workouts, wiener (*dog), weekly pizza parties and paddleboarding adventures, but I promise there’s so much more to me than my life in squares on the gram.

Kinda Healthy Recipe Guy

Mason Woodruff

What’s shakin’ bacon? I’m Mason, a personal trainer turned food blogger and current leader of
the Proton Party. You can find me cookin’ up a storm over on Kinda Healthy Recipes or
blogging with my wife on With the Woodruffs.

Trainer, Coach & Smoothie Specialist
Jenna Altman

Jenna Altman

My mission is to help women find their strength, confidence, and happiness in their bodies, minds, and lives through training and nutrition.

The Macro Barista

Alex Moe

I’m more popularly known as @themacrobarista on social media. A few years ago I began making healthy drink recipes while working at Starbucks, well it turns out a lot more people needed these recipes than I imagined!

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Georgette Yacoub

My team and I have one mission: teach people how to eat for their goals without giving up the foods they love.

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